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What is the Booster Club?

Every sport at Discovery High School has its own Booster Club, which is made up of the parents and families of the team players. It is the role of the Booster Club to support, encourage and advance the athletic program by cultivating clean, wholesome school spirit, promoting good sportsmanship and developing high ideals of character. It is also the Booster Club’s duty to promote projects to improve the school’s facilities and equipment, which are necessary to provide for an adequate, successful athletic program.

What is the cost of the Booster Club?
Dues for the 2018 Volleyball season are $250 and are due by August 17, 2018.  If you are unable to make full payment by August 17th, payment plan arrangements may be made with treasurer, Jacinta Gamble or with President, Janet Williams. 

The State of Georgia does not fund any extra-curricular activities in public schools with taxpayer money. Therefore, the Booster Clubs fund these programs. Volleyball dues are set up annually and are quite reasonable, compared to other organized high school teams, and are comparable to dues paid for recreational sporting programs.

All players are expected to pay Booster Dues*. Payment can be made via check or money order, written to Discovery HS Side Out Club. Payment plans can also be worked out by contacting our treasurer/president.

What are Booster Club Dues for?
Booster dues pay for a large number of things, including
• Major equipment purchases (nets, balls, ball carts, etc.)
• Player Apparel Kit
• Shirts for coaches and managers
• Player incentives: balloons, gym wall names (varsity only), etc.
• Tournament entry fees
• Referees
• Gym rental fees
• Player uniforms and bags (players return these at the end of the season)
• Special events: Awards banquet, player team bonding, Senior Week, refreshments, etc.
• Conditioning sessions with Certified Trainers
• Other expenses as deemed necessary by the coaching staff

*Failure to Pay Dues
All players will be able to participate in games and practices as part of the Team. However, failure to pay dues will result in the players NOT receiving the items that they need in order to participate in the sport.

E-mail the Discovery HS Side Out Club at, or contact Jacinta Gamble, Treasurer, or Janet Williams, President,

Click here for the Bylaws Discovery High School Volleyball Booster Club Bylaws